Bali Breakdown

Here it is folks, the moment we have all been waiting for…. Where Julia Roberts and I go face to face in a hot dog eating contest while discussing which is better Ubud or Sanur.   You already know I don’t eat meat and although […]



Do you feel happy, scared or excited when you see the temple statue above? Happy, Excited, or Scared. Pick one and don’t forget it. You’ll find out later. This isn’t rocket science, I believe in you.   Man do I suck.   I would love […]

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We kicked off the week at Candidasa at a place called Villa Pantai. It wasn’t so much the place that won me over but more so the owners. The lovely Aussie couple Stuart and Pam. …Ohhhh where do I begin with this dynamic duo? They […]


Dear Fat Tony

We headed to Legian after returning to Bali for a three-night stay at Ini Vie Villa. This has been one of my favorites so far while staying in Bali. We had an adorable villa decorated with bright flowers with our own private pool that we […]


The Island Life

I’m baaaaaaaack. I have been hopping around on the Nusa Islands and I finally have time to fill you in. So grab your popcorn, get comfy, and tell your boyfriend to stop talking about football for five damn minutes so you can focus. *Cough cough* […]



Watch out have some competition. We have spent two days in Sanur and I absolutely LOVE this place. There are so many restaurants and little shops. You still get the feeling of being in Bali but with a hip little spin on it. There […]


This is Effe’n Cool

*Que Lion King’s theme song* “AAAAAH ZABENYAAAAAA”   We have arrived at the Bali Safari. This might be one of the coolest places yet. I am not big on Zoos (I am actually 100% against them). Instead of animals, this place puts people in cages, […]


Temples & Tortillas

I am headed to immigration tomorrow to get my visa extended for another thirty days. Crazy that thirty days has already passed. Pretty much you are granted a 30 day visa on arrival but if you want to stay longer than that you have to […]


Welcome to the Jungle

My stay in Canggu has been one of my favorites. The atmosphere here is so lively. Although there are a lot of tourists in this area it still feels like you’re in the middle of the jungle. (And yes they have fun and games.) That […]


This One Is For All My Foodies

I decided to do a mini food tour of South Bali while staying in Canggu. One, because I love food (who doesn’t) and two because the food industry is pretty poppin’ in this area and I wanted to see what all of the buzz was […]

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Blue Moon

  I made it safely to Blue Moon Villas, which is ironic because while here I completely missed the entire Solar Eclipse, but from the thousands of Instagram posts it looked out of this world. (See what I did there?)   The Blue Moon Villas […]


Let It Burn

Well I was right about one thing, (shocker) my stay at Bondelam was short, but very, very sweet. (Especially those fried bananas.) My mouth waters just thinking about them. Our last night spent there was peaceful. We were swarmed by little kiddos from the village, […]