Blue Moon


I made it safely to Blue Moon Villas, which is ironic because while here I completely missed the entire Solar Eclipse, but from the thousands of Instagram posts it looked out of this world. (See what I did there?)


The Blue Moon Villas are located in Amed. The town of Amed is 10X more of a tourist town than the other villages I have stayed at. I haven’t seen this many tourists since leaving customs at the airport. I know it has only been about two weeks, but I feel like I have forgotten how to behave “normally”.

I noticed last night that I was the only one who took my shoes off at the front door of the restaurant because I have been so used to taking my shoes off before entering a building at the other villages.


I can see me getting back to the United States like:

“Umm mam’ this is Olive Garden, please put your shoes back on.”


My stay at Blue Moon Villas was accompanied by some bomb ass pasta, some of the best views yet, and some snorkeling.

The man staying next door to my villa happens to be from Malibu, California. Talk about a small world. Super nice dude that told me all about a coral garden about a seven-minute scooter ride down the main road. I couldn’t say no to that since I will only be staying in this area for one full day.

I rented a scooter for approximately 50.000 IDR (about 3 dollars US) and headed towards the beach. The beaches are way more accommodating in Amed than Tejakula. They still have black sand, but the water is super clear and warm. (Perfect for snorkeling.)


Disclaimer: I can not exactly swim. I am pretty good at doggy paddling but that’s about as good as it gets. I am slowly working on it…okay…stop judging me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but it ended up being a million times easier than I thought it would be.

Another side note is that the natives in more touristy areas are quick to charge you for things. I have learned this the hard way (like paying for a free parking spot). Hey everyone has to make money, and that’s okay, but I am saying to just make sure you are paying reasonable prices wherever you are. A man on the beach tried charging me 50.000 IDR for a life jacket when I picked up one for 20.000 IDR from a different local about five steps away.


Anyways, the water and the weather were absolutely beautiful. There were people getting massages on the beach and it ended up not being super crowded. We swam (Stephen swam, I doggy paddled) out, life vest and all. There were so many colorful fish and I had this moment of floating in the middle of the warm ocean looking at the endless blue of water and thinking, “Holy shit, I am in the middle of the Ocean in Bali”. It still feels like some sort of weird dream that I will eventually wake up from and I still feel like I will be returning “home” back to LA but then I have to remind myself

“No Julia, you are actually homeless.”

I calculated that back home (including rent, bills, food, gas, and the occasional nail salon visit) I was spending around 150 US a day (rent was about 80 US). Here I can easily live off of about 10 US a day, 15 US if I feel like getting frisky.


It is crazy to me.


I mean the only real problem I have had is that the mosquitos here love me! I counted about five bites on one arm in one night. I quickly learned that that canopy beds weren’t for looks, but that they are actually pretty useful.

I will be investing in some bug spray asap, unless someone has any other useful tips (feel free to send them my way).


I head out of Amed tomorrow morning (I told you it was a quick stay) and will be traveling about 3 hours southwest towards Canggu.

I have heard tons of great things about Canggu, so I am pretty excited to explore there for a couple of days.


If you have any recommendations for that area (or a miracle bug repellant) be sure to drop me a comment. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to this blog below and shown it love, you are appreciated.


See ya soon Canggu!

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Author: Julia Rose

Travel Blogger

9 thoughts on “Blue Moon”

  1. Hi Julia,

    Only suggestion, some of Indonesian using “AUTAN’ or “SOFFELL” (the brands) to avoid the mosquito’s bite :)) it’s a lotion that made from Lavender, you can use it to all over your body before sleep. Not recommend for face using. Hope it can help and have fun you guys in Bali 😉

    *don’t get me wrong, I’m not the brand ambass. For both brands, both are quite famous here in Indonesia. You may try it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Julia!!!

    My first time officially writing to you… I originally planned to write you and tell you about a chocolate factory in East Bali but ran out of time before you moved. 😦 Anyways, I have looked into Canggu before and some things to do and I have a few suggestions for you! The number one thing I would do is go to the Canggu Club. It is a traditional leisure club open to the public from 6 am-10 pm, and around 22-30 US dollars for the day. BUT it gives you access to: A large swimming pool, a fitness center, tennis courts, restaurants, bars, a bowling alley, and my two personal favorites A BOUNCEY TRAMPOLINE CENTER and a WATERPARK!! All is included in the day pass of $22. Quite a steal! In addition, there is the Tanah Lot Temple which apparently the time to go view this beauty is around the sunset. Next on the to do list, Echo Beach. Just one of the beautiful beaches in Canggu and if you travel around dinner time you can grab a cocktail at the Echo Beach House and after the sunset walk a fee meters down on the beach and indulge in some fresh BBQ seafood! Which I mean who doesn’t love fresh seafood straight from the ocean! Yes please! Lol! Also, at the Tugu Hotel in Bali a few mwters from Canggu Beach, every Thursday evening at 7:30 they have a cultural evening. You get to see aeveral traditional Balinese dances and listen to traditional Gamelan music. Lastly, I have a few recommendations for food: #1- The Warung Dandelion an outside cafe with an Alice in Wonderland feel (An open garden with rabbits and other wildlife around you), #2- Monsieur Spoon- A French bakery if you are craving sweets, and last but not least make sure you grab a Nalu Bowl aka Fruit/Smoothie Bowls which are a must have for breakfast! I hope you have the BEST time! I am loving your blog. I look forward to reading it every night in Arizona. I give you mad props for being so brave and adventurous! Can’t wait to read about Canggu!

    Lots of Love from AZ,

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    1. Hey Rach,
      Thank you so much for all of the recommendations. So far I am in love with Canggu and it has quickly become one of my favorite places so far in Bali. I am planning to head to Echo Beach within the next week, I definitely need a good beach day. The Warung Dandelion sounds pretty interesting, thanks for throwing some ideas my way! You are appreciated.


  3. Hi Julia! My friend and I are planning on going to Bali after we graduate college next July. What is the best type of transportation from place to place? we both don’t feel comfortable driving in a foreign country… so taxi or? Thank you 🙂

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    1. Yes! Taxi would be your best option if you don’t feel comfortable driving. Be careful using Uber and other apps because I was told that in some areas there are Taxi Mafias and locals get mad at others for stealing their business. I have used Blue Bird to get around, and it works great! You and your friend are going to love it here!


  4. Swim like the “doggy style” is more cool anyways. Is like you are swimming and the others can see the show (of you trying to swim). A lot of swim 😂.
    Ps: I swim like that too. (Another swim to the list)
    Ps2: love ur blog gypsy gal

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