This One Is For All My Foodies

I decided to do a mini food tour of South Bali while staying in Canggu. One, because I love food (who doesn’t) and two because the food industry is pretty poppin’ in this area and I wanted to see what all of the buzz was about.

So here we go. I hope you have already eaten before reading this because by the end of it your mouth should be watering.

First stop is…

*insert drum roll*

Panama Kitchen and Pool

What I really enjoyed about this place was the old school music and string lights hanging from the palm trees. The ambiance felt like an old school pool party and the staff was extremely friendly. Our server dished out dad jokes (free of charge) and was super helpful with recommending drinks and food.

The pool was equipped with donut floaties and although I didn’t come prepared with a bathing suit I felt tempted to jump in.

I got a strawberry daiquiri paired with the Panama Net Catch (grilled fish mixed with cherry tomatoes and organic baby potatoes).

(And some shoestring garlic fries because I just couldn’t resist).

I have never met a potato I didn’t like… fried, baked, mashed…as Rae Sremmurd would say “I ain’t got no type”.

The Panama net catch literally has my mouth-watering right now thinking back to it. So so so SO good.

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Next, for dinner Stephen had a date set up at a place called Urchin Grill & Raw Bar.

I must say living out of a back pack makes it hard to dress up for any date night, but I dug out my white dress, sprayed some wrinkle release on that bad boy and wore my oh so lovely Birkenstocks (I couldn’t exactly fit heels in my carry on…OKAY…stop judging me). I also rode on the back of the scooter…in my dress. I say I get 10 bad ass girlfriend points for that one.

Anyways back to what is important…FOOD.

Now like I have stated before, I am a lover of seafood. I will eat just about any fish raw; in fact I crave it on a daily basis. Some people are freaked out by that and that’s okay because I am just as freaked out by them. Kidding. I was stoked to finally try some good seafood and this place did not disappoint. The tuna tartar was one of my faves along with the strawberry dessert. It was a little bit more on the fine dining side, and personally I like more relaxed environments, but they had an open kitchen where you could watch them prepared dishes and do all that fancy plate graffiti, so that was cool. Overall a great place to try some seafood, but not if you’ve been at the beach all day and  want somewhere more laid back.

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The next day I got to try one of the sweetest places yet (pun intended).

Made’s Banana Flour Co is tucked away in Canggu and if you blink you’ll miss it. (Look for the banana sign.)

What I loved about this place was getting to try something I have never tried before. They make all of their desserts and baked goodies from banana flour. (Flour made from green bananas.) All the desserts were 100% Gluten free. Normally having the sweet tooth that I do..I can’t stand that cardboard “gluten free” taste. THESE DESSERTS WERE SOME OF THE BEST DAMN DESSERTS I HAVE EVER TRIED. I didn’t even miss gluten once. (Sorry gluten.) Apparently the resistant starch in this form also increases your metabolism….can you say uuuuhhhh-mazing? I don’t really know what resistant starch is, but I do know what a higher metabolism is and if I get it while stuffing my face with homemade banana flour bread…I AM IN. I can not stress how much I loved this place and I loved meeting the man behind the magic. He was one of the sweetest people I have ever met in Bali, and it really just put the icing on the cake *pun intended..again*.

If you are ever on this side of Bali and you’re craving something sweet do not hesitate with this little slice of heaven on Earth.

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For Dinner I met up with the owner of Barbacoa, Kieron, and his wife Liliane. He promised one of the best dining experiences in Bali…and let me tell you, he did not disappoint.

I started the night off with a sweet red wine (always a good idea no matter what) I don’t know what it is about that big wine glass…but I felt like no matter how much wine I drank, it never ran out. Magic, I tell you…magic.

The smell reminded me of some of my favorite places in Austin Texas, so that was already a good sign. The building itself was set on a rice field, so if you sat outside you got the authentic Bali view while devouring really good food.

Although I am not a meat eater (besides sea food) I still had plenty to choose from and was plenty full by the end of it.

Kieron and Liliane made the night, hands down. You could tell he was really passionate about what he does, and it was such a pleasure spending the night getting to know them.

I was tempted to stop by there tonight just to grab another plate of jalapeno chili cheese croquetas. Talk about addicting.

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Four restaurants all less than a thirty minute scooter ride from each other, but all so different. The food options are endless in this part of Bali.

I am so used to the normal noodle and rice options from the villages I have been staying at that this is a nice little mix up. I have a couple of more places I want to try before leaving this area and I am hoping they are just as good as these last places.

Once again if you have any recommendations on places that I should try, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

I am still curious as to why Julia Roberts had to go to Italy, India, and Bali to Eat, pray, and love…when she could’ve happily done it all in Bali.





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