Welcome to the Jungle

My stay in Canggu has been one of my favorites.

The atmosphere here is so lively. Although there are a lot of tourists in this area it still feels like you’re in the middle of the jungle. (And yes they have fun and games.)

That was a Guns N’ Roses reference incase you didn’t catch it.

I am getting better and better at being on the back of a scooter and find it sort of peaceful riding through rice fields.

It’s sort of magical here. I don’t really know what exactly it is about Bali but the smells, the temple music, the people….it all just keeps me wanting more.


It’s been about one month since packing up all of my belongings and leaving Los Angeles, one month since I have seen my sweet Bambi’s face. *Insert sad emoji here*


I have to be honest, it still feels like a vacation more than my way of life now. I have a feeling it will kick in soon, probably around the first, when I am normally paying rent and instead will be petting an elephant (hopefully). I feel like a little rebel since I haven’t worn a bra or put on make up on since being here, talk about freedom. My hair has declared it’s independence and has decided it can do whatever it pleases whenever it pleases. So there’s that.

I also wear the same shirt at least four times and have officially redefined what dirty really is; if I would’ve had this mind state in Los Angeles I could’ve saved a whole lot of money on laundry.

I leave Canggu tomorrow. It is a bittersweet feeling because I really do love it here but I am also excited to see the other parts of Bali since they have all been so different.

I have been staying at a place called Jungleroom. And that is exactly what it is. Jungle room is super unique in the sense that all of their villas are made completely of wood and everything outside is covered in vines and greenery.

The villa I stayed at had an outdoor kitchen equipped with the cutest cooking utensils, had its own pool, beautiful canopy beds, and the best part…an outdoor bathtub. I would’ve flown to Bali just to take a bubble bath in that bathtub. No joke. It is the holy grail of bathtubs.

I loved how eccentric the villa was, my future home will definitely be modeled after this place and you can bet your ass I will have an outdoor bathtub, I hope my neighbors are cool.

The other best part about Jungleroom was the healthy juice bar that was conveniently located about five steps from my villa. Smoothies, detox drinks, and Kombucha being served daily.

Now, I have heard great things about Kombucha…how healthy it is for you, how it can help support your immune system, and how when you drink it you somehow have the ability to read peoples minds and levitate (okay I made that last one up) but you get what I am trying to say.

I decided to order Kombucha for the first time, because hey why not try some mystical juice while being in a foreign country. They were in these cute little bottles and had so many different flavors. I chose Pink Apple, popped off the lid ,and took the tiniest sip. I enjoyed the taste so I took a chug and WHATTHEF***ISTHAT happened.

A huge slim ball with the consistency of a booger slid into my mouth.

I wasn’t ready for it and the locals probably had a nice giggle watching me try to force it down.

I mean growing up watching Nickelodeon I always wanted to be slimed, but I would prefer it to not be a surprise in my drink.

Overall the taste was amazing, and after three or four sips I got used to the consistency, and actually quite enjoyed it. I definitely recommend trying it. I just wanted to pre warn you so you don’t embarrass yourself like I did.

Other than choking on a booger, this has been my favorite place so far. Both Jungleroom and Canggu have been filled with surprises, good food, and plenty of nice people.


Last night we had dinner at a place called The Holy Crab, more like Holy shit this place is really good. It was one of those places where they put paper over the table and the table is basically your plate. (If you haven’t ever experienced this, you need to get on that asap.) It brought me back to my roots of growing up in Louisiana. My grandpa would be so proud at how fast I can peel shrimp. (It’s an overlooked talent…alright.) On top of serving the most amazing crab smothered in Cajun sauces, their specialty margaritas were lit…literally he actually set one on fire. One drink contained tequila, chocolate ice cream, sprinkles, and roasted marshmellows….every drunk girl’s dream.


Chocolate covered tequila in one hand, cracking crabs with other, and a face smeared with spicy goodness…let’s just say I was a happy camper.


I wouldn’t recommend a first date here unless you want your man to see your true savage side of you ripping heads of various sea creatures. Something about eating with your hands while having a bib on just doesn’t scream romance.


I am thankful for this stay in Jungleroom and in Canggu, and I am pleasantly surprised how many really good restaurants there are.


Needless to stay I will be leaving Canggu filled with good food, endless memories, and a happy heart.


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Author: Julia Rose

Travel Blogger

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle”

  1. That may sound craaazy buy after reading this post late at night I had this veery realistic dream of meeting you guys! Like seriously… Those photos, overall atmosphere that you can literally feel while reading this ! It did its job and I’m glad I met both of you 😄 (kind of) In fact I was introducing myself to you and explaining my mistake for calling Stephen Steve (yup, its me again! ) So thank you Julia for giving me this chills and making my vists here so amazing!
    P.s. living in the jungle suits you, you look gorgeous, hair too!
    Sending love from Poland !

    Liked by 1 person

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