Temples & Tortillas

I am headed to immigration tomorrow to get my visa extended for another thirty days.

Crazy that thirty days has already passed.

Pretty much you are granted a 30 day visa on arrival but if you want to stay longer than that you have to pay for a 30 day extension at the airport when you arrive and make a couple of trips to immigration to get approved for an extension, it’s pretty easy and costs about 80 dollars to have a visa extension service help you out to get it done faster. It is kind of sketchy letting them handle your passport for a couple of weeks, so make sure you use a safe and trusted one.

I have been staying in Cemagi at Ambalama Villa. This place is insane. I swear I will never not be amazed at the outdoor showers and infinity pools.

I literally can look up at the stars while taking a shower. And get this… the shower drains the water to then water the plants in the outdoor bathroom. These people have it all figured out.

Their infinity pool over looks rice fields and about a five minute walk will take you to a temple that is built on top of rock cliffs next to the beach.

One thing that I have really loved about Bali, is that no matter what village you are in they have the most beautifully sculpted temples. You can always smell incense burning and you always….ALWAYS see people giving offerings. It’s like they people in Bali were bred to give. They meditate with every movement, and its spiritual to see people with so little cherish so much.

They are so appreciative of the land, the animals, and take time to give thanks to their surroundings every day.

We took a scooter into to town yesterday to go to an ATM (another thing if you are planning a trip to Bali, try to stick to BCA and BNI ATMs). We stopped by a place called Sizzle wraps, and as a lover of chipotle I have to say….this place was ten times better (AND Guac was’t extra). What amazed me about this place was that it was a tiny (like one table) tiny stop on the side of the road. They only had two guys cooking, but the guys were in perfectly clean white chef attire, they served our meals on unique cutting boards and took time to dress the plates. You could tell they were just doing what they loved to do and took pride in making food for people.

I am only staying in Albalama two nights so I didn’t even bother trying to unpack, I am trying to take in moments and enjoy them but time is moving so fast it is hard to remind myself to slow down.

I am still fighting off mosquitos, but I have received numerous responses in products to try and I am determined to find one that works. (You guys are appreciated!!)

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly at immigration and that my next 30 days are as successful as the last ones have been.


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Author: Julia Rose

Travel Blogger

2 thoughts on “Temples & Tortillas”

  1. I’m just getting back into blogging and I must say that I really like your images and storytelling. I think it’s wonderful hearing and seeing what these beautiful places look like outside of resorts and about the nature of the people who inhabit these places. 🙂

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