Watch out Canggu..you have some competition.

We have spent two days in Sanur and I absolutely LOVE this place. There are so many restaurants and little shops. You still get the feeling of being in Bali but with a hip little spin on it.

There is way more tourists in this area but it’s not touristy…if that makes sense. There are so many bars and authentic restaurants and the food is still pretty cheap. One of our favorites has been Beach Breeze and another one that was right on the beach. Unfortunately I don’t have the name of the other one, because it was literally just a few wooden tables scattered on the beach.

Speaking of the beach, I am a total beach bum. I have road tripped the entire coast of California just to discover some of the best beaches. If you ever want to visit a good beach while in Cali, I got you. (I won’t ever give away my favorite though, because it was abandoned when I was there and I would like to leave it that way.)

Although this beach wasn’t super secluded, it was nice to finally be at a beach that wasn’t covered in black sand. The water felt like a warm bath and was crystal clear.

We have stayed at Sudamala Suites and luckily we were a quick five-minute walk from the beach and our stay came with beach loungers. I couldn’t change into a bikini quick enough. I love that you can walk knee-deep in the water for miles, there is barely any current and it is heaven for those who love the beach but aren’t exactly great wave divers (like me).


Walking back from the beach they had the usual graffiti painted on the walls.

There was one in particular caught my attention.

“We will live”

“We will die”


And I thought to myself…death, death is certain.

Eventually we will die.

But to live….will we all truly experience living?


Was I really living in Los Angeles?

I mean I was going through the motions.

I continually tried sheltering myself from making mistakes.

I worked a mediocre job with terrible hours just to make ends meet.

I thought I wanted to pursue modeling when I really just wanted to pursue happiness.

I thought the key to traveling would be through modeling and it turns out that I didn’t need a fancy agency to see the world.

I was on a reality show that cut me a pretty good check…a financial one and a reality one. *pun intended*

I made countless mistakes and beat myself up for being human.

I drank a lot, went out A LOT. Had amazing LA nights that I still can’t believe.

But was I living?

I was a living robot. Living through a routine day in and day out, accompanied by my casual sushi runs. I stuck to a strict gym routine and tried to fulfill this mold and sculpt myself into something I thought I wanted based on what I surrounded myself with.

Something was always missing.

The only thing I was living, was a lie.

It took taking myself out of the equation to find the answer.


Without all distractions I am able to ask myself

“what is it that I truly want?”


I want to float in luke warm ocean water cooling off my sun burnt cheeks.

I want to be dressed in traditional hindu attire listening to people pray in sync with each other.

I want to ride in the chaotic streets of Bali on the back of the motorbike while looking up into the stars.

I want to look forward to eating fried bananas and enjoying my morning coffee.

I want to embrace my freckles and messy hair and feel completely beautiful without an ounce of make up on.

I want to surround myself with people who teach me how to appreciate the little things.

I want to do this….this is living.

Yes, I know I will eventually die, but I want to do it knowing that I poured every ounce of effort into living.

I was always so scarred to step outside of my comfort zone; to leave my fluffy white bed, and now the only thing I wonder is why I didn’t leave sooner?


I have fallen in love with Sanur. We are going to be back in the area in a couple of weeks before we leave Bali (crazy how fast time is going).

We head to Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan tomorrow. We have to grab a taxi and then jump on a boat to head to the islands. I have heard that this is where most of the beautiful beaches are located, so you can only imagine how excited I am to get over there.

P.S. Thank you to everyone who gave me recommendations on mosquitoes, mosquitoes no longer love me and Soffell has become my new best friend.

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Author: Julia Rose

Travel Blogger

14 thoughts on “A L I V E”

  1. Hey Julia,

    I love your blog! I’m an aspiring travel blogger mysel! I just wanted to know how exactly you survive out there in Bali? How are you making your money to eat, sleep and enjoy yourself? I’d really like to know because I’m thinking of moving to somewhere like Hawaii. It’d be a great help to know!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to confess… sometimes when I read your blog I end up crying, (I’m not a really emotional person), is because is really amazing how you just live your life, and grow up at the same time, sometimes I

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Julia your are so inspiring! I have always had the same itch as you… to see the world, to find out what happiness truly is, and to not just be going through the motions but really living this one life we get to the fullest!… however… how are you making this happen? How do you have the funds for this grand adventure? I am only asking because I would love to do this kind of soul searching and exploring you are doing but I always feel like making ends meet is a struggle and constant hamster wheel.
    Love reading your posts and following your adventures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have sold most of my belongings so minimizing bills helps a lot financially. Once you don’t have bills then you just need to cover places to stay, food, and transportation. All of them can be fairly cheap depending on where you want to visit. You can make money on the go various ways. If you are interested check out No Desk Project!


  4. Hey Julia!

    I first became a fan of your “no fucks given attitude” from your reality show and have since fallen in love with your outlook on life. I’ve been enjoying getting to know more about you on a deeper level through your blog posts and also have to admit (as I type this comment while sitting at my desk at work wondering if this is where I’m meant to be) that you have changed my outlook as well!! I feel like I’m missing something in life. I’m happy but want more. Your story has inspired me to start my own story and go outside my comfort zone. You are the definition of living!! Can’t wait for the next post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love hearing things like this. It keeps me inspired to keep writing. Thank you for following along on this crazy journey. I truly believe that living starts outside of your comfort zone.


  5. Julia! Not going to lie, when I initially saw the link to your blog I judged & jumped to cliche basic conclusions of most millennial “bloggers”…
    I’m happy to say I was completely wrong! After being impressed by the effort & depth and consistency of some posts I remembered you mentioning aspiritions of writing on AYTO (I hope that was you). Cool to see someone who doesn’t “just talk about it, but be’s about it”!!! BTW You & Stephen MUST read “Vagabonding” by Rolf Potts!! It’s a Cult Classic of Traveling books and paradigm shifting. Apperently there is often copies lying around hostels around the world

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