Dear Fat Tony

We headed to Legian after returning to Bali for a three-night stay at Ini Vie Villa. This has been one of my favorites so far while staying in Bali.

We had an adorable villa decorated with bright flowers with our own private pool that we could literally jump to from our bed.

This place was insane.

Not to mention they also had an option of a “floating breakfast” where you could have pancakes while chillin in the pool. That’s exactly how every Monday should start.

Pancakes poolside.

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Our first day we sorted our laundry…finally. I don’t think I have ever been so happy to finally have clean clothes.

Can you believe that I literally have people judging me for wearing the same things in my pictures….

Like, hello…I am living out of a backpack in the middle of South East Asia…. GIVE ME A BREAK.


Enough ranting.


Back to finally having clean clothes, we spent the day getting everything re organized (sooooooo fun) and when the hunger kicked in, Stephen knew he had about thirty minutes to feed me before I turned into a monster.

I get hangry …okay, it’s one of my many flaws.

Wanting to live, Stephen looked up the places that were within walking distance.

A place called Fat Tony’s was the winner so we headed that way.


Now I don’t know who Tony is, or if he is even fat….but let me tell you, I would kiss this man if I could.


This place specializes in Burgers and chicken wraps; not being a chicken or beef eater I was still in luck when they had a veggie burger.

I was even more in luck when I took my first bite and realized that it was the BEST DAMN VEGGIE BURGER I have ever tasted.

And when I thought I couldn’t get any luckier, I got the bill.

For two veggie burgers that came with fries, two water bottles and a soda we paid…


*Drum roll*


3 DOLLARS AND 80 CENTS. That is 57.000 RP for both burgers.

This by far was one of the best places I have eaten at in Bali.

Fat Tony…if you are reading this, I love you.

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The next day (despite stuffing my face the night before) we decided to head to Uluwatu because we heard that this is where some of the best beaches were located.

Uluwatu was about an hour drive away, so we hopped on our scooter and headed for Green Bowl Beach.

Pictures of this place were beautiful and I knew there was a little bit of a hike to get to it, but after the Kelinking hike I was up for anything.

Don’t get me wrong, the beach was beautiful, but I wish we would’ve known what we were getting ourselves into.

The beach was really small. REALLY SMALL. And on high tide the water came up to the rocks so you couldn’t lay a towel down in the sand without having to jump up every other wave to avoid getting soaked.

The only place to sit at this beach was inside the little cave on the beach, so if you like to get your tan on (like me) you weren’t able to.

However, if you are more of a reader in the shade type of person than this would be perfect (unless you hate crowds).

There was also A LOT of people on the beach, way too many. There was also 290 steps to be exact to get to the beach (Stephen counted) so overall if just wasn’t worth it.


We decided to dip out early and go grab a bite to eat….

I know what you’re thinking:

“Julia are you ever not eating?”


And the answer is yes….only when I am sleeping.


Café Le Passion was down the street and the only food place to pop up on our maps.

I don’t know what food God is looking out for us, but once again we picked a winner.

I got fried shrimp tacos and immediately made up for all of the calories I burned climbing those 290 steps.

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We heard about the sunset dance at Uluwatu temple, so we decided to head that way since we were in that area.

We didn’t spend as much time as we had anticipated on the beach so we got their super early.

Talk about touristy.

We were given a sarong to wear to cover our legs before entering the temple.

It was any person who hates crowds and being shoved by people trying to get the perfect selfies worst nightmare. We had to wait until five o’clock to buy tickets to the sunset show.

Luckily I have a boyfriend who is an expert at getting Eagle’s football tickets and I watched as he put his skill of holding out money to snag tickets to use, and we got in to get the perfect seat. Turns out there is no perfect seat because they literally shove about two hundred people over the safe limit into this tiny stadium. There were people sitting on the actual stage area.


It was cool hearing all of the different accents and languages. They had a competition of which country could yell the loudest… Don’t worry USA I did you proud.

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset


The show was very…interesting. The sunset was one of the best I have seen in Bali.

They had men imitating the sounds of instruments telling a story of two women who had to void off evil spirits for the village. The costumes were very amusing. It is worth a visit if you are in the area but I would definitely recommend getting there early. It is pretty expensive and beware the monkeys have zero chill. I witnessed a monkey take a girls phone. Don’t worry, he gave it back after he realized it was an Android.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

We took off and headed back to Legian and after two hikes and being out in the sun all day we decided to make another trip to Fat Tonys. (YES, it was that good.)

After being refueled we decided to make the most of our last night in this area and head to one of the hottest night life places (or so we heard) Mirrors Lounge in Bali.

I was in the mood to dance, and I heard that this was the place to go so I decided to spend what I normally spend in a week in about three hours. It was one of the coolest clubs I have seen on the inside. It kind of reminded me of a cathedral church with the painted glass windows. The DJ was super good and you can only imagine how hyped I was when they played California love.

The answer: too hyped.

I would recommend drinking before coming here. Way over priced, and they had a weak pour.

I wasn’t going to be that douchy person that says

“uhhhh please make my drink strong like me” (yes people actually say that).

Save some money and pregame some where else.

They give you one free drink ticket after you pay 20 dollars to get in, but you’ll definitely want more than one.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


We grabbed a taxi which tried charging us 350.000 RP for a ten minute ride (we paid 40.000 RP to get there) Needless to say we weren’t that drunk and were able to talk him down to 100.000. Bargaining: yet another skill that being in Bali will teach you.

We crashed super hard, woke up late and somehow managed to pack up and grab a car and start the two-hour journey to Candidasa.

We will be staying in this area for the next week so I am excited to see what kind of trouble we can get into here.


P.S. Fat Tony, if you are still reading this, know that I will miss you and your veggie burgers dearly.


Julia Rose


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Author: Julia Rose

Travel Blogger

5 thoughts on “Dear Fat Tony”

  1. The android part !😂 Didn’t know you had such a great sense of humour, Julia. Gosh it looks amazing at your current villa. Enjoy this week and thank you for yet another lovely read. Keep it up ! I will read everything you write on here while waiting for you to publish a book. 🙂 Much love.

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  2. hahah so glad you found Fat Ton’y and that you have a boyfriend who understands hangry and how to best avoid it hahah! Glad you also talked your taxi driver down $350.00 RP versus what you paid to get there was insane! P.s Now your also making me want to add Ini Vie Villa to my bucket list – my boyfriend lovveeesss pancakes. How cold has the water in your private pools been? Much Love!

    Liked by 1 person

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