Bali Breakdown

Here it is folks, the moment we have all been waiting for….

Where Julia Roberts and I go face to face in a hot dog eating contest while discussing which is better Ubud or Sanur.


  1. You already know I don’t eat meat and although I would love to have Julia Roberts chime in over some delicious veggie dogs (if those even exsist) its just simply not going to happen, so you get me, myself, and I breaking it down for you.


*Cue mom dance moves with Justin Timberlake “Dance, dance, dance” playing in the back ground*


After Ubud we headed back to Canggu and stayed at Tugu. This place was pretty insane. Once again another awesome outdoor bathroom, except this one came with a pond and fishies. Tugu was also next to some pretty cool places to eat, including Old Man’s…definitely had to take a pit stop there. Our stay at Tugu was short but also reminded me how much I adored the Canggu area. It has a pretty hipster vibe to it and most of the tourists are pretty young.

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After that we ended our last days in Bali in Sanur. We stayed at Oasis Lagoon and enjoyed every last second spent in Bali. I finally got to try some of Secret’s gelato, which was just as good as everyone said, but not as good as Mamisso’s which was half the price but double as good. We also spent time in the Sanur market buying goodies, and took time to check out another great Sanur beach.

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So if you haven’t guessed it yet my favorite place overall to visit in Bali was

*drum roll*


What I love about Sanur was that it wasn’t too touristy but it still had plenty of amazing food and places to visit. The beaches in Sanur were perfect, calm blue water and were pretty peaceful and quiet. I enjoyed still having glimpses of Bali culture and meeting locals without feeling completely out of place. The taxi mafia is still pretty bad but not as bad as the other areas. You can get away with uber and grab taxi as long as you don’t make it obvious. My favorite place to stay in Sanur was Sudamala. I loved their atmosphere and how amazingly nice their staff was. That was one thing I noticed overall in Bali, is that no matter where we went, where we ate, where we stayed, the staff and the locals were always so welcoming and so nice to foreigners.

My favorite place to eat in all of Bali was…. Fat Tony’s….man what I would do to grab a veggie burger from there right now…

(If you didn’t read my post “Dear Fat Tony” go check it out to see a glimpse of their place.)

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I don’t really have a least favorite part of Bali but Ubud and Kuta were both pretty touristy and lacked the Bali feel to me most.

I definitely recommend a trip to the Nusa Islands, just a quick one though. Kelinking Beach is definitely worth a boat ride over. Only if you have plenty of time to spend, don’t go if you have to rush it. The hike to Sekumpul Waterfall was also well worth the steps up, as long as you plan ahead and eat before hand. The key to doing touristy things in Bali is getting up hella early to beat the crowd….yea I just said hella. Sue me. You can grab a couple of pictures before places get busy.

I think it is important to remember to get out of your comfort zone while traveling. Always try to keep an open mind and try new things. It was hard for me at first to venture out, mostly because I was scared to embrace the motorbikes, but it was always well worth it in the end.

Also remember when you travel it is like going into someone else’s home. Be respectful of their traditions and people. So many times I would see foreigners getting frustrated with language barriers or throwing trash on the streets, or teasing the monkeys. It is important to reserve the places we visit so that others can enjoy them after us.

Overall I look back at the girl sitting scared in the Hong Kong airport wondering what was going to happen and I feel proud of her. I have successfully lived in a foreign country for two months while learning to embrace different cultures, different languages, and different attitudes towards living.


And I think I finally found the answer to the question:


Am I crazy?


Hell f****ing yes.


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Always remember:

Life is Beauty full (even from where you are standing…or sitting…right now.)


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