Sweat. Smile. Repeat.

Alright, alright, alright.   Questions of the day: “How do you stay in shape?” “What’s your fitness routine?” “Why is your head so square?” (Okay that wasn’t one today, but I do get asked that on a regular basis; still don’t know the answer.)   […]


A Different Day, A Different Villa

It’s been a while… Okay, it has only been like three days but who is counting? (I am.) Unfortunately, I have been sick. Luckily, you don’t need a prescription to get antibiotics in Bali and you are able to go get them over the counter. […]


Mount Batur

Let’s get something straight…I am a woman who loves her sleep. I mean I don’t want to brag or anything but I guess you could call me a “pro-nap taker”. Ask anyone who knows me. I didn’t choose the nap life, the nap life chose […]

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Is It Where the Heart Is?

There is a question that has always lingered in my mind and danced its way back and forth in my thoughts. I am hoping in some way, shape or form, maybe, just maybe you can help me answer it. What is home to you? I […]


Temples & Being Lost in Translation

Update: It has been about 76 hours since my hair dryer exploded, so I am slowly developing what some may call a “mini afro”. I am still adjusting to this whole time change thing and still have the mind set that this is just some […]


Sekumpul Waterfall

I decided to venture out of the villa. (Talk about one small step for mankind and one giant leap for foreign Julia) I rented one of those nifty scooters. (Cost was 55.000RP, which is approximately four dollars and twelve cents in the US) I embraced […]



No, I am not referring to a Chris Brown song or telling you that I have decided on an alternative way to make money. One of the hardest parts about this journey was the decision to strip away all of the materialistic things in my […]


Welcome to Bali-wood

Bali – Day one I wish I could tell you I skipped off the plane, and all my worries went away and I saw nothing but rainbows and butterflies and oh how I wish I could inform you that I knew I was making the […]


Foreigner Feels

I made it to Malaysia. I decided to sleep at the airport for my 8 hour layover because I am trying to convince myself that I need to be tough (and because I know funds are limited and wasn’t about to try to find a […]

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First Stop: Hong Kong

It may be the jet lag from the fourteen hour flight I just endured (thank the good lord for Zzzquil and eye masks), it may be the time change, or it may just be the part of me that likes the feeling of safety screaming […]


Am I Crazy?

I have never been good at first introductions and I was never a fan of the whole “tell the class your name and one interesting thing about yourself.” I always get nervous and then awkward and end up saying something completely irrelevant to who I […]