Temples & Tortillas

I am headed to immigration tomorrow to get my visa extended for another thirty days.

Crazy that thirty days has already passed.

Pretty much you are granted a 30 day visa on arrival but if you want to stay longer than that you have to pay for a 30 day extension at the airport when you arrive and make a couple of trips to immigration to get approved for an extension, it’s pretty easy and costs about 80 dollars to have a visa extension service help you out to get it done faster. It is kind of sketchy letting them handle your passport for a couple of weeks, so make sure you use a safe and trusted one.

I have been staying in Cemagi at Ambalama Villa. This place is insane. I swear I will never not be amazed at the outdoor showers and infinity pools.

I literally can look up at the stars while taking a shower. And get this… the shower drains the water to then water the plants in the outdoor bathroom. These people have it all figured out.

Their infinity pool over looks rice fields and about a five minute walk will take you to a temple that is built on top of rock cliffs next to the beach.

One thing that I have really loved about Bali, is that no matter what village you are in they have the most beautifully sculpted temples. You can always smell incense burning and you always….ALWAYS see people giving offerings. It’s like they people in Bali were bred to give. They meditate with every movement, and its spiritual to see people with so little cherish so much.

They are so appreciative of the land, the animals, and take time to give thanks to their surroundings every day.

We took a scooter into to town yesterday to go to an ATM (another thing if you are planning a trip to Bali, try to stick to BCA and BNI ATMs). We stopped by a place called Sizzle wraps, and as a lover of chipotle I have to say….this place was ten times better (AND Guac was’t extra). What amazed me about this place was that it was a tiny (like one table) tiny stop on the side of the road. They only had two guys cooking, but the guys were in perfectly clean white chef attire, they served our meals on unique cutting boards and took time to dress the plates. You could tell they were just doing what they loved to do and took pride in making food for people.

I am only staying in Albalama two nights so I didn’t even bother trying to unpack, I am trying to take in moments and enjoy them but time is moving so fast it is hard to remind myself to slow down.

I am still fighting off mosquitos, but I have received numerous responses in products to try and I am determined to find one that works. (You guys are appreciated!!)

Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly at immigration and that my next 30 days are as successful as the last ones have been.


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Welcome to the Jungle

My stay in Canggu has been one of my favorites.

The atmosphere here is so lively. Although there are a lot of tourists in this area it still feels like you’re in the middle of the jungle. (And yes they have fun and games.)

That was a Guns N’ Roses reference incase you didn’t catch it.

I am getting better and better at being on the back of a scooter and find it sort of peaceful riding through rice fields.

It’s sort of magical here. I don’t really know what exactly it is about Bali but the smells, the temple music, the people….it all just keeps me wanting more.


It’s been about one month since packing up all of my belongings and leaving Los Angeles, one month since I have seen my sweet Bambi’s face. *Insert sad emoji here*


I have to be honest, it still feels like a vacation more than my way of life now. I have a feeling it will kick in soon, probably around the first, when I am normally paying rent and instead will be petting an elephant (hopefully). I feel like a little rebel since I haven’t worn a bra or put on make up on since being here, talk about freedom. My hair has declared it’s independence and has decided it can do whatever it pleases whenever it pleases. So there’s that.

I also wear the same shirt at least four times and have officially redefined what dirty really is; if I would’ve had this mind state in Los Angeles I could’ve saved a whole lot of money on laundry.

I leave Canggu tomorrow. It is a bittersweet feeling because I really do love it here but I am also excited to see the other parts of Bali since they have all been so different.

I have been staying at a place called Jungleroom. And that is exactly what it is. Jungle room is super unique in the sense that all of their villas are made completely of wood and everything outside is covered in vines and greenery.

The villa I stayed at had an outdoor kitchen equipped with the cutest cooking utensils, had its own pool, beautiful canopy beds, and the best part…an outdoor bathtub. I would’ve flown to Bali just to take a bubble bath in that bathtub. No joke. It is the holy grail of bathtubs.

I loved how eccentric the villa was, my future home will definitely be modeled after this place and you can bet your ass I will have an outdoor bathtub, I hope my neighbors are cool.

The other best part about Jungleroom was the healthy juice bar that was conveniently located about five steps from my villa. Smoothies, detox drinks, and Kombucha being served daily.

Now, I have heard great things about Kombucha…how healthy it is for you, how it can help support your immune system, and how when you drink it you somehow have the ability to read peoples minds and levitate (okay I made that last one up) but you get what I am trying to say.

I decided to order Kombucha for the first time, because hey why not try some mystical juice while being in a foreign country. They were in these cute little bottles and had so many different flavors. I chose Pink Apple, popped off the lid ,and took the tiniest sip. I enjoyed the taste so I took a chug and WHATTHEF***ISTHAT happened.

A huge slim ball with the consistency of a booger slid into my mouth.

I wasn’t ready for it and the locals probably had a nice giggle watching me try to force it down.

I mean growing up watching Nickelodeon I always wanted to be slimed, but I would prefer it to not be a surprise in my drink.

Overall the taste was amazing, and after three or four sips I got used to the consistency, and actually quite enjoyed it. I definitely recommend trying it. I just wanted to pre warn you so you don’t embarrass yourself like I did.

Other than choking on a booger, this has been my favorite place so far. Both Jungleroom and Canggu have been filled with surprises, good food, and plenty of nice people.


Last night we had dinner at a place called The Holy Crab, more like Holy shit this place is really good. It was one of those places where they put paper over the table and the table is basically your plate. (If you haven’t ever experienced this, you need to get on that asap.) It brought me back to my roots of growing up in Louisiana. My grandpa would be so proud at how fast I can peel shrimp. (It’s an overlooked talent…alright.) On top of serving the most amazing crab smothered in Cajun sauces, their specialty margaritas were lit…literally he actually set one on fire. One drink contained tequila, chocolate ice cream, sprinkles, and roasted marshmellows….every drunk girl’s dream.


Chocolate covered tequila in one hand, cracking crabs with other, and a face smeared with spicy goodness…let’s just say I was a happy camper.


I wouldn’t recommend a first date here unless you want your man to see your true savage side of you ripping heads of various sea creatures. Something about eating with your hands while having a bib on just doesn’t scream romance.


I am thankful for this stay in Jungleroom and in Canggu, and I am pleasantly surprised how many really good restaurants there are.


Needless to stay I will be leaving Canggu filled with good food, endless memories, and a happy heart.


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This One Is For All My Foodies

I decided to do a mini food tour of South Bali while staying in Canggu. One, because I love food (who doesn’t) and two because the food industry is pretty poppin’ in this area and I wanted to see what all of the buzz was about.

So here we go. I hope you have already eaten before reading this because by the end of it your mouth should be watering.

First stop is…

*insert drum roll*

Panama Kitchen and Pool

What I really enjoyed about this place was the old school music and string lights hanging from the palm trees. The ambiance felt like an old school pool party and the staff was extremely friendly. Our server dished out dad jokes (free of charge) and was super helpful with recommending drinks and food.

The pool was equipped with donut floaties and although I didn’t come prepared with a bathing suit I felt tempted to jump in.

I got a strawberry daiquiri paired with the Panama Net Catch (grilled fish mixed with cherry tomatoes and organic baby potatoes).

(And some shoestring garlic fries because I just couldn’t resist).

I have never met a potato I didn’t like… fried, baked, mashed…as Rae Sremmurd would say “I ain’t got no type”.

The Panama net catch literally has my mouth-watering right now thinking back to it. So so so SO good.

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Next, for dinner Stephen had a date set up at a place called Urchin Grill & Raw Bar.

I must say living out of a back pack makes it hard to dress up for any date night, but I dug out my white dress, sprayed some wrinkle release on that bad boy and wore my oh so lovely Birkenstocks (I couldn’t exactly fit heels in my carry on…OKAY…stop judging me). I also rode on the back of the scooter…in my dress. I say I get 10 bad ass girlfriend points for that one.

Anyways back to what is important…FOOD.

Now like I have stated before, I am a lover of seafood. I will eat just about any fish raw; in fact I crave it on a daily basis. Some people are freaked out by that and that’s okay because I am just as freaked out by them. Kidding. I was stoked to finally try some good seafood and this place did not disappoint. The tuna tartar was one of my faves along with the strawberry dessert. It was a little bit more on the fine dining side, and personally I like more relaxed environments, but they had an open kitchen where you could watch them prepared dishes and do all that fancy plate graffiti, so that was cool. Overall a great place to try some seafood, but not if you’ve been at the beach all day and  want somewhere more laid back.

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The next day I got to try one of the sweetest places yet (pun intended).

Made’s Banana Flour Co is tucked away in Canggu and if you blink you’ll miss it. (Look for the banana sign.)

What I loved about this place was getting to try something I have never tried before. They make all of their desserts and baked goodies from banana flour. (Flour made from green bananas.) All the desserts were 100% Gluten free. Normally having the sweet tooth that I do..I can’t stand that cardboard “gluten free” taste. THESE DESSERTS WERE SOME OF THE BEST DAMN DESSERTS I HAVE EVER TRIED. I didn’t even miss gluten once. (Sorry gluten.) Apparently the resistant starch in this form also increases your metabolism….can you say uuuuhhhh-mazing? I don’t really know what resistant starch is, but I do know what a higher metabolism is and if I get it while stuffing my face with homemade banana flour bread…I AM IN. I can not stress how much I loved this place and I loved meeting the man behind the magic. He was one of the sweetest people I have ever met in Bali, and it really just put the icing on the cake *pun intended..again*.

If you are ever on this side of Bali and you’re craving something sweet do not hesitate with this little slice of heaven on Earth.

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For Dinner I met up with the owner of Barbacoa, Kieron, and his wife Liliane. He promised one of the best dining experiences in Bali…and let me tell you, he did not disappoint.

I started the night off with a sweet red wine (always a good idea no matter what) I don’t know what it is about that big wine glass…but I felt like no matter how much wine I drank, it never ran out. Magic, I tell you…magic.

The smell reminded me of some of my favorite places in Austin Texas, so that was already a good sign. The building itself was set on a rice field, so if you sat outside you got the authentic Bali view while devouring really good food.

Although I am not a meat eater (besides sea food) I still had plenty to choose from and was plenty full by the end of it.

Kieron and Liliane made the night, hands down. You could tell he was really passionate about what he does, and it was such a pleasure spending the night getting to know them.

I was tempted to stop by there tonight just to grab another plate of jalapeno chili cheese croquetas. Talk about addicting.

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Four restaurants all less than a thirty minute scooter ride from each other, but all so different. The food options are endless in this part of Bali.

I am so used to the normal noodle and rice options from the villages I have been staying at that this is a nice little mix up. I have a couple of more places I want to try before leaving this area and I am hoping they are just as good as these last places.

Once again if you have any recommendations on places that I should try, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

I am still curious as to why Julia Roberts had to go to Italy, India, and Bali to Eat, pray, and love…when she could’ve happily done it all in Bali.




Blue Moon


I made it safely to Blue Moon Villas, which is ironic because while here I completely missed the entire Solar Eclipse, but from the thousands of Instagram posts it looked out of this world. (See what I did there?)


The Blue Moon Villas are located in Amed. The town of Amed is 10X more of a tourist town than the other villages I have stayed at. I haven’t seen this many tourists since leaving customs at the airport. I know it has only been about two weeks, but I feel like I have forgotten how to behave “normally”.

I noticed last night that I was the only one who took my shoes off at the front door of the restaurant because I have been so used to taking my shoes off before entering a building at the other villages.


I can see me getting back to the United States like:

“Umm mam’ this is Olive Garden, please put your shoes back on.”


My stay at Blue Moon Villas was accompanied by some bomb ass pasta, some of the best views yet, and some snorkeling.

The man staying next door to my villa happens to be from Malibu, California. Talk about a small world. Super nice dude that told me all about a coral garden about a seven-minute scooter ride down the main road. I couldn’t say no to that since I will only be staying in this area for one full day.

I rented a scooter for approximately 50.000 IDR (about 3 dollars US) and headed towards the beach. The beaches are way more accommodating in Amed than Tejakula. They still have black sand, but the water is super clear and warm. (Perfect for snorkeling.)


Disclaimer: I can not exactly swim. I am pretty good at doggy paddling but that’s about as good as it gets. I am slowly working on it…okay…stop judging me.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but it ended up being a million times easier than I thought it would be.

Another side note is that the natives in more touristy areas are quick to charge you for things. I have learned this the hard way (like paying for a free parking spot). Hey everyone has to make money, and that’s okay, but I am saying to just make sure you are paying reasonable prices wherever you are. A man on the beach tried charging me 50.000 IDR for a life jacket when I picked up one for 20.000 IDR from a different local about five steps away.


Anyways, the water and the weather were absolutely beautiful. There were people getting massages on the beach and it ended up not being super crowded. We swam (Stephen swam, I doggy paddled) out, life vest and all. There were so many colorful fish and I had this moment of floating in the middle of the warm ocean looking at the endless blue of water and thinking, “Holy shit, I am in the middle of the Ocean in Bali”. It still feels like some sort of weird dream that I will eventually wake up from and I still feel like I will be returning “home” back to LA but then I have to remind myself

“No Julia, you are actually homeless.”

I calculated that back home (including rent, bills, food, gas, and the occasional nail salon visit) I was spending around 150 US a day (rent was about 80 US). Here I can easily live off of about 10 US a day, 15 US if I feel like getting frisky.


It is crazy to me.


I mean the only real problem I have had is that the mosquitos here love me! I counted about five bites on one arm in one night. I quickly learned that that canopy beds weren’t for looks, but that they are actually pretty useful.

I will be investing in some bug spray asap, unless someone has any other useful tips (feel free to send them my way).


I head out of Amed tomorrow morning (I told you it was a quick stay) and will be traveling about 3 hours southwest towards Canggu.

I have heard tons of great things about Canggu, so I am pretty excited to explore there for a couple of days.


If you have any recommendations for that area (or a miracle bug repellant) be sure to drop me a comment. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to this blog below and shown it love, you are appreciated.


See ya soon Canggu!

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Let It Burn

Well I was right about one thing, (shocker) my stay at Bondelam was short, but very, very sweet. (Especially those fried bananas.)

My mouth waters just thinking about them.

Our last night spent there was peaceful.

We were swarmed by little kiddos from the village, and I don’t know if it is something in the water (because I am not allowed to drink it), but happiness literally beams out of their little faces. They are so quick to greet us, and although they only really know how to say “hello’ and what their name is, you can just tell they have nothing but pure hearts filled with wonder and vulnerability. I wonder how different the world looks from their eyes.

When we first landed in Bali, I got off the plane and saw the sky was polka-dotted with kites. Come to find out that kids love to fly kites here.

Stephen pointed out that every time you see a kite flying in Bali, you know it means there is some happy-go-lucky kid on the other end of it.

(Just like in America, behind every iPad there is a child being distracted from screaming in a busy restaurant.)

We were given a red lantern to release into the sky on our last night staying at Bondelam. It was one of those lanterns that you light on the bottom and it fills up with hot air and magestically floats away.

I was told that when you let one of those go, you choose to let go of something else that you have been holding on to.

I thought to myself “if only it were that easy…”

And then quickly also thought “why can’t it be?”


We carry so much baggage with us constantly we might as well be on vacation 24/7.


Like light that shit on fire and let it go.


*cue Frozen theme song*


But really, why do we choose to carry so much with us?


Let me tell you, from someone who is living out of a backpack, we only have room to carry with us what we value most (along with a couple of bikinis).

Cut ties with all that shit holding you down or you’ll definitely have back problems in the near future.

The only person I am affecting by carrying all of this useless weight is myself, I mean don’t get me wrong I will have killer calves by the end of it but is it worth loosing my insanity?

I carry all of the worries, the what ifs, the mistakes, like little souvenirs to remind me of all the places I have been in life whether they were good or bad.

I am not saying that by letting go of the lantern I managed to send away every single what if and every single worry, but I am saying that I realized that it is okay to start letting the little things go piece by piece.

I am only human and it’s a daily struggle learning that it’s okay to not be okay.

That’s the beauty of this whole experience, is falling off the scooter once in a while (which I did) only to get back on and keep going.

I feel like I have been so hard on myself, trying to perfect my life to make sure things are going as planned.

Moving from villa to villa, has made me embrace living amongst the chaos.

I am normally a person of comfort and normalcy. I love to go to the same restaurants and order the same thing. This has made me realize how much I was missing out on. I feel like my whole life I have thought that if I stick to a routine I will somehow end up where I want to be, when really I was just running in circles while ordering the same think from the Cheesecake Factory every chance I got.

Ofcourse I have my freak outs…my moments of “oh my god Julia what are you doing?!? You had a stable job with a great little place in LA” but then I also have my moments of “Holy shit look at this lantern floating over the ocean” moments while Balinese music is playing in the background and my hair is all twisted over my face and my skin is still warm from the sun, and I just feel alive. Alive.


I can’t remember the last time I actually felt alive. It’s actually kind of spectacular.


Just to put your hand over your heart; to feel it beating. Feel it pumping this thing called blood through these tunnels called veins.

Pretty f***ing cool right?

Like you’re a human. You’re a living breathing human, who has a purpose.




I don’t know why but it’s just a crazy type of feeling when you take a step back and appreciate yourself for exactly what you are.


All the mistakes. All the perseverance.

Why do we carry all of the bullshit with us when we have so many other important things to pick up along the way?

Life will surely stink if you decide to keep putting shit in your back pack. Trust me. Not that I have tried it, but I wouldn’t ever purposely pick up shit (especially from other people) and put it in my backpack. So why do I continually do that in my life?


(Pardon my French. Reader discretion is advised.)

I am not saying join the  “I don’t give a f**k” movement, I am just saying to simply give a f**k about more important things; things that make you feel alive.

Maybe if I spent more time flying kites and releasing lanterns, I would be looking up a whole lot more than looking down.


Moral of the story is I had a relaxing time at Bondelam, played “try to guess why the village kids are laughing at me” game (which is always fun) and released a lantern which somehow opened my eyes to see that I need to start settings some things on fire and letting them go. (Figuratively not literally.)

Overall I would say my stay at Bondelum was succcesful.

I am now headed south-east to a village called Amed.

This stop will be even shorter than the last one, but hopefully just as sweet, and I can not wait to share it with you.


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Sweat. Smile. Repeat.

Alright, alright, alright.


Questions of the day: “How do you stay in shape?”

“What’s your fitness routine?”

“Why is your head so square?” (Okay that wasn’t one today, but I do get asked that on a regular basis; still don’t know the answer.)


Are you ready?


I am about to give away all (most) of my secrets.

I am sure you have probably heard of the number one thing, and if you haven’t heard yet, let me be the first to tell you, the number one thing is…..




No I am not talking about juicing, the freaking nothing but meat diet, or the crazy only eating carrots upside down on a full moon diet. (I don’t even know if that exists but I am sure someone in Los Angeles will start it after reading this.)


It all begins on what you put in your body. I cannot tell you what you should and should not eat. A lot of the “fill your body with nothing but protein” and “stop consuming sugar” nonsense is a marketing thing, that goes beyond my level of knowledge. What I do know is that every body works different. Our bodies are like cars; some run on gasoline, some run on diesel, and some are electric and help the environment. (Some have bigger bumpers, and some have tops that come off…okay I am getting carried away.)

Anyways stop all the crazy dieting, you’re the only one that truly knows what makes your body feel better.

My diet falls somewhere between Vegan and Pescatarian.

The only meat I consume is fish, because I would literally die without sushi, and being here on a tropical island I am eating fresh fish, none of that fish farm nonsense.

I stay away from all pork, chicken, and beef. I mean yes I love animals, and part of me doesn’t eat it because of the whole “stop killing animals movement” but really I don’t eat it is because my body just felt better after I stopped consuming it. (Also being in a foreign country makes it a lot easier to not eat meat.)

I also stay away from dairy, I was never a fan of milk, my only real weakness is cheese which I sometimes cheat on.

Diet is probably one of the hardest (at least it was and still is for me) but it is crucial to take care of the inside before the outside.


Another thing with diet is to remember not to beat yourself up about it. If you are crave brownies as much as I crave sushi, eat a f***ing brownie just don’t eat the whole pan. Life is too short to go without the foods we love.

Alright, so you’re like cool…veggies…check….now I need to start doing to some sit ups and squats… nope.

Next step that isn’t exactly included in Women’s Health or really in any other fitness article is… The next step is mental.

It took me a little longer to figure out that being shape is also a mental thing.

After giving your body the nutrients it deserves you have to do the same to your brain.

I used to work out for the modeling agencies approval that I thought I needed. I was drilling myself in the gym trying to keep up with girls I saw on Instagram.

But I only started seeing real results when I made the conscious decision that being in shape was for myself above anything else. It was about feeling good and having more energy. It was deciding to take care of my body because, I mean lets be real, it’s the only one I have. What you see on Instagram are camera angles and really good arches. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good bikini picture but I do think it is important that we realize that a picture is just that…a picture.

I really miss having a gym. Obviously these villages that barely have running water aren’t exactly going to have treadmills or weights for me to do the workouts I used to do at home. I always try to run and warm up muscles. I am in no way a marathon or long distance runner so I keep them short and sweet (Around one mile, depending on how much pre work out I take.)

I focus on one main muscle group, my favorite to do is legs and butt.

Now that I am traveling I keep things simple, and do things that do not require any equipment.

For instance, I’ll aim squats, throw some lunges in there and end it with some fire hydrants (really easy to do, just get on all fours and pretend you’re a dog peeing on a fire hydrant). I like to do a set of at least three different exercises for one muscle group, and then do that set three times. (I know I am getting confusing, sorry). For instance a break down for legs would be:


One set for legs:



Cross Lunges

Fire Hydrants

Repeat 3 times.


I don’t like telling people how many to do in one set because everyone is on a different level. I just pretty much go until it burns and then do ten more.

I like to end each work out with an ab exercise. There are so many different ones. Some of my personal favorites are Russian twists and crunching while bicycling.

Just like diet, different exercises will work for different people. You just have to push yourself and learn to enjoy that burning sensation.

Aim to hit the gym at least three times a week and work on a different body group every time.

Do a little bit of research on different moves you can do the night before so you go into the work out knowing what you are doing.

Last but not least…


I aim to drink at least a gallon of water (not tequila) on the days when I am working out super hard.

I know this isn’t the typical travel post but I promised to answer some of these questions.

Just keep in mind that it’s all about getting to know what works for you! Try to not be so hard on yourself. There will be days when you are killing it and have never felt better, but there will also be days when you find yourself devouring a tube of cookie dough and hate yourself the next morning. Its okay! Food happens! Remember the key words of Justin Bieber “Love yourself” and “Never say never”.



Anyways, ya rock, don’t forget it.

If you have any other questions, feel free to drop a comment and ask away. Like I said before, I will answer (almost) anything.


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A Different Day, A Different Villa

It’s been a while…

Okay, it has only been like three days but who is counting? (I am.)

Unfortunately, I have been sick. Luckily, you don’t need a prescription to get antibiotics in Bali and you are able to go get them over the counter.

I wont go into details (because I don’t want you to give up on reading this within the first paragraph), but I feel like I needed to touch on it just incase anyone else get’s sick while traveling Bali. Instead of having no idea what to do and panicking (like I did) they can do a quick Google search and hopefully my blog gives them a little bit of hope that they aren’t in fact shit out of luck.

Bali has pharmacies that are called Apotek and they are equivalent to a CVS except you don’t have to have an expensive doctors visit in order to get some meds in your system. The names of the antibiotics are a bit different but you can easily figure out which ones you need.

Well a lot of research (while on the toilet, sorry I know I said no details) led me to finding all of this out, and then also finding out that the closest Apotek to me was over an hour away and that the only way I could really get there was by scooter…Oh yea how am I supposed to ride an hour on a scooter when I am…okay, okay no details.

Luckily, I got in contact with the helpful host of the villa I was staying in and he recommended me to the village doctor. He contacted her for me and within 30 minutes I had a knock on the door from an English speaking doctor, I wanted to kiss her the minute she arrived. After a quick check up and ten questions I had the correct antibiotics in hand, and I was on my way to feeling better. The visit cost about 30 dollars US, which is nothing compared to what I would have paid at home while having to endure waiting with coughing children around me.

Anyways, if you are staying in the busier parts of Bali and get sick you are in luck, and even if you aren’t near an Apotek you’re still near friendly people who will help you out just because they are nice and not wanting anything in return. (HA isn’t that a strange concept.)


Okay enough with being sick, thankfully I am on day three of antibiotics and feel better than ever.


Another reason I haven’t been writing is because I am running from the cops..HA kidding.

I have been moving villas.

Although I will miss the village of Tejekula it was time to venture out and try out a different part of East Bali.

I am now staying at the Bondalem Beach Club.

I will only be staying here for four days. I guess this whole traveling thing doesn’t really leave room for getting accustomed to one place.

What a difference this is.

I went from a village where people where killing chickens right next door and kids were making toy cars out of water bottles to driving 20 minutes down the road and sleeping next to the ocean in a more than comfortable beach villa with an infinity pool. I am in no way complaining. They still serve my new favorite breakfast (fried bananas) and the people that surround this area are still some of the nicest people I have ever been around.

I got to eat pizza for the first time since I left the US. That was actually the last meal I ate as I packed up my stuff before getting on the plane….wow that feels like ages ago.

Although not anything close to American pizza it was (maybe even better) just as good as the pizza back at home. They had it topped with corn, maybe a new pizza trend that someone needs to start back in the states.

I am excited to share this new place with you guys.

Although the stay is short I am sure it will be sweet.

If you want to see more of the villa be sure to check out the segment called Continental Cribs on youtube. I will be showing you around all of the different places I will be staying through out this journey.

Once again I just want to thank everyone showing love to this page, every comment and clicks keeps me inspired to keep writing. Feel free to leave any recommendations on places I should be visiting while still in East Bali.

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